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Mandala Drawing Workshop

Mandala Drawing Workshop
w/ Courtney Betts

Saturday April, 14th

A mandala, which means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit, is a spiritual symbol representing the universe. In many traditions, mandalas are used as a guidance tool to establish a sacred space, focus attention, and aid in meditation. The beautiful symmetry and balance of a mandala makes drawing them a very calming, meditative practice.
In this workshop, artist Courtney Betts will guide you through a step-by-step process to completing your own mandala masterpieces. All supplies will be provided for you to use during the workshop and take home after (No need to bring anything other than yourself!). And no, you don’t have to be good at drawing to attend. Everyone can do it!
If you have any questions prior to the workshop, please share with us via email.

 Courtney Betts
Dates: Saturday April, 7th
Times: 12.00–2.00 PM
Price: $40 USD | 72 AWG (Includes all supplies for you to take home!)

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