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3 January 2019

Beginning your yoga practice is challenging. It is learning a new language, literally and physically! To support your journey, we have created a 6-week Beginner Series!

In this series, you will explore the yoga poses and breathing techniques that are offered in most yoga classes, how and why they are of transformational benefit to your body and mind, and how to access them intelligently.  Each week will explore a specific area of the body and the poses associated. You will discover areas of strength and ability in your body you didn’t even know you had! Throughout the series, our certified teacher will provide one-on-one tips for your personal needs.

Experienced yogis and teachers – We welcome you to join and refine your practice! There are always new layers to uncover in our ever-evolving bodies and lives.

Give yourself the foundation to truly live well in your body for the rest of your life, as well as the preparedness to continue your lifetime practice through our other classes and at home.

*Over these six weeks, you will also be free to take any of our regularly scheduled classes at no additional charge (not including SUP Yoga).
**This is a closed group for yogis committed to the 6-week course. Walk-ins not permitted.

Teacher: Jess Rydh
Date: 3 January 2019
Time: Tuesday/ Thursdays 7:15PM – 8:30PM
Price: $225 USD or AWG 225 for locals with valid ID (Excl. tax. )

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