Our Teachers

Rachel Brathen

I am a Swedish Native, having moved from Costa Rica to Aruba in 2012 when I met my Aruban husband, Dennis. He and I founded Island Yoga based on a longing to create community here in Aruba. Island Yoga allows us to stay home and really set our roots (which is really helpful now that we have a baby!).

I am the co-founder and CEO of Island Yoga and teach Vinyasa Flow, SUP Yoga, Yin Yoga and Meditation. My classes are always heart-centered, as this is how I choose to live every aspect of my life.

The longing has manifested – I love how this community has come together through yoga! Watching everyone deepening their yoga practice, cultivating healthy habits and connecting to their authentic truth through this practice is my motivation every day.

We have three dogs, two goats and a tiny baby. Life at our house is like a circus right now!

Dennis Schoneveld

I was raised in Aruba, but I’ve traveled a ton since meeting Rachel. I earned a degree in business administration, dabbled in surf shop ownership, and now keep these numbers and ladies in line at Island Yoga.

I make coffee for the Island Yoga staff, and from time to time when I’m behind my desk, I watch soccer on my computer. I’m also a certified yoga teacher, talking people through poses every week (after my paternity leave ends).

This studio has been a big dream of ours for many years. I love watching yoga grow on the island!

I like short walks on the beach and rainy days.

Brittany Waterhouse

I grew up just north of Boston, Massachusetts. Working a desk job at a tech company, selling real estate, and teaching a little yoga on the side, the urge to shift gears grew quickly in my four years of working so many jobs at once. I wanted to teach yoga full time, away from the exhausting city-life vibes.

My family has been visiting Aruba every year for over two decades, making it feel like my second home. After attending one of Rachel’s retreats in Bonaire, the stars aligned and I was asked to join the oneOeight team. When I arrived on the island, I knew without a doubt that this was where I had always been heading. After starting to teach a little SUP Yoga on the side, the tides turned quickly and I found myself solely teaching on the tranquil, beautiful ocean.

I am now the lead SUP Yoga teacher for Island Yoga, managing and coordinating all things SUP. When I’m not on the water, I’m teaching in the studio. My classes almost always feature the use of energetic items such as crystals and angel cards, as well as highlighting the importance of manifesting with the Law of Attraction. The energetics of yoga are what keep me coming back for more, and what I know I am here to share in hopes of bettering the lives that cross paths with mine. Yoga truly is the most rewarding job I could have ever wished for.

My mom called me Moonbeam when I was a child. As a Cancer sign in astrology, my heart and soul are the ocean and the moon that pulls it. On top of that, my last name is Waterhouse; anyone could have seen this job and lifestyle manifesting from day one!

Jess Rydh

I come from a small town in Sweden called Sigtuna. There, I worked for then co-owned Power Yoga Sweden since I was 15 years old. I’ve trained in yoga and in leadership, utilizing and strengthening both through regularly teaching yoga and managing large programs and events.

After assisting several of Rachel’s yoga events in Sweden, I was given the opportunity to come to Aruba to intern during the opening of Island Yoga. My internship quickly evolved into an official role on the team, which includes assisting everywhere I can – front of house, boutique, our studio manager…I love being everyone’s right-hand resource. I also teach! My classes are mainly the faster and sweatier ones, but I have also begun our Beginner Series, creating a safe and inviting space to begin one’s exploration of an intelligent and fun yoga practice.

I’m easy to spot in the studio – I’m the one running around, dancing and singing loudly and off-key. When I’m not in the studio (which is very rare), I am in the water learning how to surf or bent over petting a dog.

Mary Pucci

Born in Venezuela, I studied law and played competitive soccer as team captain. When I moved to Aruba in 2009, my soccer passion grew to include pro beach tennis and pro stand-up paddle boarding. My love for movement also includes Antigravity Aerial Yoga and Mystical Yoga – a beautiful way to reconnect both children and adults with the earth and our roots. I’m a proud mom to my kids Paola and Andrea, the two who teach me the most about yoga and life.

I am the Kids Yoga teacher! Working with children fills my heart unlike anything else. Yoga gives us balance, answers in life and the power to shine with peace and joy in our hearts. These are life-changing tools for people of all ages to become aware of, and it’s an honor to help our younger generations harness these tools early on.

I’m so grateful to join the Island Yoga team! I feel such admiration for the yoga lifestyle that Rachel and Dennis have worked hard to create in Aruba, and I’m so excited to continue growing this community. Through my classes, I am here to help kids believe in their gifts, to love themselves and accept others with respect and compassion, and to look at life through the lens of a peaceful heart.

You may see photos of me as you arrive at the Aruba airport, as I’m the local influencer for the Aruba Tourism Office for Latinoamérica!

Traci Andrushko

Hailing from New Jersey, I now reside in Aruba full time.  Prior to my transition here, I was a hairstylist for the last 13 years.  Although I loved the creative outlet hairstyling brought me, I longed to have more balance in my daily routine.  Ten hour days on your feet becomes exhausting and physically takes a toll over time; hence the obvious introduction to yoga. Ever since, my practice has followed me around the world.  From workshops to retreats, my dedication to being a student has guided me to be taught by my greatest influencers.  After participating in the 108 salutations back in January, Island Yoga felt like the perfect yoga home for me.

My background as a teacher is in Vinyasa.  I completed my 200-hour training in 2012 and have been leading classes ever since.  My intention is to offer a fun and down to earth vibe combined with creative sequencing.  Music is in my soul, so expect to flow to an eclectic mix!

Off my mat you can find me eating, traveling, looking for iced coffee on the island and making the most of this precious thing called life.