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Every level of practitioner is welcome to join any class. All is welcome here.

Vinyasa Flow


Vinyasa means to link breath with movement. Set to mood-matching music, you will flow from pose to pose in a way that challenges you to drop focus out of your mind and into your body. This well-rounded class will strengthen and stretch all areas of your body, often having you break a sweat as you undo physical and mental blockages. You will step off your mat feeling stronger, more centered, and ready to take on life with a smile. 

Each class offers modifications suggested by your teacher, allowing both beginner and seasoned practitioners to join at an intensity that feels best to them.

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Core Flow


This core-centered Vinyasa class is set to uplifting music and geared toward fluidity in body and mind. You will be encouraged to explore your thresholds into new territories of flexibility and strength, both physically and mentally. With respect for the necessary balance between effort and ease in all of life, you will have opportunities to fire it up and calm it down, leaving you feeling empowered and energized.

Open to all levels.

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Flow & Feel


This vinyasa class is created with your heart front and center. Expect plenty of time to ground, settle in and set your intentions, followed by movement that gradually builds, peaking in a dynamic sequence that allows you to move in a way your body is asking you to today. Every moment of this practice is designed to get you out of your head and into a place of knowing deep within the body. You will breathe, move, feel, connect and let go. 

Open to all levels.

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Flow & Align


Sunday mornings are a sweet time to wrap up the weekend in uplifted gratitude. Offered late morning so you can enjoy breakfast in bed, this lighthearted class will keep the good times rolling as you prepare mind and body for the week ahead. Set to feel-good music, you will move through Vinyasa-styled flows in a way that asks you to drop focus out of your mind and into your body. This well-rounded class has a specific focus on alignment and will strengthen and stretch all areas of your body, often breaking a sweat as you undo physical and mental blockages leftover from last week’s stress. You will step off your mat feeling stronger, more centered, and ready to take on the week ahead. 

Open to all levels.

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Slow Down

Slow /Gental /Soft

Slow down and let your body guide you thru a gentle 60min flow and reconnection to your heart and soul via long holds and soft transitions. This class will leave you to feel mellow and held after a long day on the go!

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SUP Yoga


Performed on Stand-Up Paddleboards floating on the clear blue ocean, this class is the perfect peak for your island adventure! We meet on the beach for an introduction to our floating yoga studio, and together we walk out to our SUP boards that are pre-anchored to stay stable in the wind and waves. Your SUP Yoga teacher will guide you through a practice that starts slowly, letting you get used to the floating surface. You will then move into a more dynamic flow before slowing down to cool off with restorative postures and the greatest Savasana you’ve ever experienced (truly!). Sky above you, sea below you, surrounded by nature, sun and salt… What could be more blissful? 

Open to all levels and ages. The water is only waist-high, so Olympic swimming skills are not required.

We meet on the beach between the Ritz Carlton and the Fisherman’s Huts. Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes early.

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Beginner Series


Beginning your yoga practice is challenging. It is learning a new language, literally and physically! To support your journey, we have created a 6-week Beginner Series!

In this series, you will explore the yoga poses and breathing techniques that are offered in most yoga classes, how and why they are of transformational benefit to your body and mind, and how to access them intelligently.  Each week will explore a specific area of the body and the poses associated. You will discover areas of strength and ability in your body you didn’t even know you had! Throughout the series, our certified teacher will provide one-on-one tips for your personal needs.

Experienced yogis and teachers – We welcome you to join and refine your practice! There are always new layers to uncover in our ever-evolving bodies and lives.

Give yourself the foundation to truly live well in your body for the rest of your life, as well as the preparedness to continue your lifetime practice through our other classes and at home.

*Over these six weeks, you will also be free to take any of our regularly scheduled classes at no additional charge (not including SUP Yoga).

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Full Moon Yoga


Just like the ocean tides, the full moon influences our own rhythms, enhancing whatever we are strongly feeling at the time. Through yoga, we can tap into this potent lunar energy to restore balance between feeling grounded yet expansive, dreamy yet called to action. Join us each full moon for a special Full Moon Flow at Arashi Beach; connect with the earth as you move like the waves and shine the moon’s bright light onto your heart’s biggest dreams. 

Please bring a towel or blanket to practice on, and be sure to finalize your payment online in advance or with exact cash at the beach. 

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Kids Yoga – Begins

KIDS AGES 6 – 14

Start your Saturday mornings at Island Yoga with the whole family! Your kids can enjoy a 60-minute class while you take your own class across the hallway, enjoy brunch in our cafe, or finally get that shopping done in our boutique. This class is designed to offer the practice of yoga in a safe and fun way. Your kids can do their best cat and dog interpretations, maybe even a bear or a crab! Through moving their bodies and minds in this lighthearted setting, kids practice connecting with their body, their breath, and their hearts in gentle yet profound ways.

Open to kids ages 4 to 10; no yoga experience required!  Drop-in’s are available and class passes as well . Locals receive a discount when booked at the studio! Check out Our Team page to read about the teacher, Jess Rydh.

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Power Hour


Let’s take your practice to the next level! This class is designed to power up your day. Set to uplifting music, you can expect a faster pace and dynamically creative sequences with plenty of core work. You will sweat, and you will break through previously imagined boundaries.

Open to all levels.

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Candlelit Flow


This end-of-day practice is held surrounded by candlelight, creating a sacred atmosphere that invites you to leave your worries at the door.  Let this slower-paced practice calm your mind, steady your breath and create space in the body. A beautiful way to transition into the calm of the evening. 

Open to all levels.

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