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Ma-Uri Holistic Massage
w/ Lena Hällgren

Ma-Uri is a deeply relaxing massage technique borne in New Zealand. Beginning by tuning into your unique energy flow, Lena senses where your energy is blocked. Her trained and loving hands help your body release old energy patterns, stress, and tension. Enhancing the experience with trigger point massage and shamanic cleansing, Ma-Uri massage is powerful yet relaxing and will invite you into your deepest stillness and peace.

Lena Hällgren is visiting Island Yoga from her home in Sweden to share the healing work she has been mastering for over 15 years. Taught by a New Zealand Shaman at the Ma-Uri Institute in Denmark and New Zealand in 1997/1998, Lena is an actor/dancer turned intuitive bodyworker who lives to help others let go and smile brighter. Her goal is to help you reconnect with your deep sense of unconditional love – for yourself and our world. 

Plus, massage is a fantastic complement to your yoga practice! Book your experience while Lena is on the island today!

Massage Therapist: Lena Hällgren
Location: Island Yoga
Day: October 16 – December 7
Time: Contact us to see available times and schedule your spot
Visitor Price: $105 USD for 60 minutes, $125 for 90 minutes (excl. 3.5% Aruban tax)
Local Price: Call or drop by for special local discounts!

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