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Heal Yourself: Burn Through Impurities
w/ Bee Bosnak

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There is an image of Shiva Nataraja, often known as the Lord of the Dance. Shiva expresses freedom and embodies fearlessness while dancing through the cosmic fire that symbolizes birth, life and death. Through this imagery, we are reminded to move from the center of our heart with joy – no matter how much chaos may surround us.

This dynamic yet safe Vinyasa yoga class will ask you to embody the myth of Shiva by moving toward the yoga posture Natarajasana. Using backbends and accompanied by chanting, we will explore the most courageous and strongest muscle of the body – the heart – and you will begin to see deeper with truth and compassion. Anything we throw into the cosmic fire will never come back to us in the same form; it is in this act of letting go where we are changed forever.

All levels welcome!

Teacher: oneOeight guide Bee Bosnak
Location: Island Yoga
Day: Monday, June 5
Time: 4:15PM – 5:30PM
Price: FREE while space is available!

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