Celebrating our tribe! We are so proud to share a select group of passionate, inspirational, Yoga Alliance-certified graduates of Island Yoga’s 200-HR teacher training program.

Alejandra Giraldo

Alejandra is a Colombian yogi that decided to deny traditional job offers to make a living from her biggest passion: YOGA. You can follow her journey at her Instagram account @inside__you, inspire yourself with her lifestyle blog www.theanswerisinsideyou.com and find her teaching private yoga sessions and in different studios in Bogotá, CO.

Alexandra Baker

Raised in Memphis, TN, Alexandra is a paralegal and yoga teacher with a passion for music. Both on and off the mat she is interested in medicine and healing in all its forms. She believes a yoga practice can be an incredibly powerful part of maintaining health–both emotional and physical. She leads private, relaxed vinyasa flow classes in her home studio and encourages students to reconnect with themselves through breath and movement, facilitating a safe space for self-exploration and healing. Alexandra currently resides in San Diego, CA.

Amber Corriveau

Amber is an outgoing, positive, mom, wife, hairstylist and yoga teacher residing in Western, MA. She teaches at Westfield Yoga Center in Westfield, MA and also offers private sessions on location and in Northampton, MA where she hosts workshops, too. Amber was first drawn to yoga in 2013 when she saw fun inversions and arm balances on instagram. Her practice started as a home-based operation as she used the likes of the internet to help her learn and grow. A few years into being self-led she joined a workshop where she learned yoga was much more than asana. She walked away from that workshop with her heart bursting open and the feeling that Yoga would help her heal from her daunting past. It was then she knew she wanted to bring that gift forward for others as well- as a yoga teacher.

Yoga has saved Amber. It has been the center of healing in the mind, body and spirit for her. Amber wishes to create a space in which others feel held and safe to explore themselves to a depth they have yet uncovered. A depth in which must be discovered for true healing and enlightenment. Amber knows the journey is a long one in which practice will always encourage and bear fruit. She wants to build community of likemindedness rooted in truth and love. She believes her work is to facilitate healing through the art of yoga and off its eight limbs. She hopes to assist in guidance on your journey.

Anndroniki Raciti

Anndroniki a.k.a Niki is a proudly South African engineer, yoga practitioner, 200hr RYT Island Yoga, studio owner, cafe owner, and founder of Vibe Tribe Yoga SA. She teaches vinyasa flow full-time from her Johannesburg-based studio called Soul Space , runs her cafe, and hosts pop-up yoga events with her brand, Vibe Tribe Yoga. Her style of teaching is grounded in self-love and compassion. She is a vibrant and spirited woman, so it’s no wonder her classes are just as energetic and fun. She believes that healing is possible through yoga, movement, community, and music. She is living proof!
Niki found yoga 6 years ago while studying to be an engineer. The highly stressful nature of the degree combined with a low self-esteem caused her to venture down a dark and lonely path. Yoga found her at her lowest, and allowed her to pick up the pieces of the life she was slowly destroying. Yoga saved her life and taught her compassion for others and, above all, compassion for herself. Niki’s goal is to help others heal , find love and light, and free their spirit through the magic that is Yoga.
To find out more visit www.soulspaceza.com or www.vibetribeyogasa.com

Avril Williams is a jill-of-all trades as she is not only a yogi, but also a freelance writer, studio artist, art educator, business owner, philanthropist, designer, and avid international traveler

Avril Williams

Avril is a jill-of-all trades as she is not only a yogi, but also a freelance writer, studio artist, art educator, business owner, philanthropist, designer, and avid international traveler. In fact, it was on her first solo traveling adventure that she found yoga, completely changing her life path. Since graduating from Island Yoga she has started her own business entitled A Dandy Line Studios, based out of Portland, Maine, with hopes of combining and sharing all of her passions. She brings the creativity that fills her life work to her classes and incorporates it into sequencing, music, and theme. She has also continued to increase her skillset as an addiction recovery ally.

Avril is currently working to open a second business with her partner, a food truck, that combines her experience in the food service industry with community service, lovingly named Basket & Blanket. To hear more about this unique new endeavor and its community impact, follow their Instagram, @basket_and_blanket.

In her spare time Avril loves to make artwork, write poetry, do pottery, hike, go on adventures and explore as much of the world as possible. Her goal is to share her belief that our life is art and we have the power to create all that we dream of. To connect with Avril personally or find out where she is teaching, follow her @adandyline or via her web site www.adandyline.com.

Carolyn Brown

As a committed practitioner and teacher, Carolyn first started yoga at 22 after a long sporting career in synchronized swimming. It was the physical aspect of yoga that initially captured Carolyn’s attention. However, it was the calmness and clarity she found after each practice that helped her through her fight against cancer. The ability to calm her mind through her practice sparked her interest in diving into the teachings of yoga. Brought up in Switzerland, Carolyn now travels the world learning more about yoga every day and teaching as she travels.

Carolyn is currently in Australia and gives Vinyasa flow classes on the beach in Byron Bay. In July and August 2018 she will be in Switzerland teaching a beginner series in her home town. To find out in which part of the world Carolyn is teaching, follow her on Instagram @carolyn_yogaflow. She could be teaching in a place near you.

Chantal LaBerge

Born and raised in Canada’s capital, Chantal has a passion for bringing her love of yoga to her local community. She is enthusiastic about introducing people to yoga, maintaining flexibility as we age, holistic health and wellness and teaching self-love through this sacred practice.

While the physical practice of asana is what initially attracted her to yoga, it is the spiritual journey that has led Chantal to stay. After maintaining a strong personal practice for over 17 years, Chantal became a graduate of the 200-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program at Island Yoga Aruba in 2017. Chantal chose this program for its unique focus on connection with our true self and teaching from an authentic place of love and compassion.

Chantal brings a warm, loving and inclusive energy to all her students. Whether you’re walking into a Flow, Yin, or Restorative class, you will be greeted wholeheartedly. She blends creative sequencing, meditation, and breath work to create a sense of inner peace that can be taken off the mat following practice. Her approach inspires an inner journey, as we learn to move, breathe, and be in harmony–mind, body, and spirit.

Chantal hopes to have the opportunity to see you on your mat and help you move towards greater balance, health and happiness, eh! If you’d like to connect with Chantal, please reach out to her on Instagram at @chantalaberge or chantalaberge@gmail.com.

Charity Donnelly

Charity is a Colorado Native who moved to Seattle in 2010 and loves calling the Pacific Northwest her home. She finds balance in her Real Estate career by expressing her creativity through woodwork and sewing. If she’s not in her craft room you can find her spending time outdoors, backpacking and connecting with nature alongside her husband.

She is currently enjoying her first pregnancy with twin girls and feels honored and humbled to know these spirits trust her to guide and nurture them through life. She enjoys teaching in the comfort of her home or outdoors to those looking for an intimate, restorative and personalized yoga experience.

Charity puts a high value on fitness as she has always known how intimately connected her physical, mental and spiritual health are. Although her active lifestyle helped keep her depression at bay, it was not until a friend invited her to a yoga class and she developed a personal practice that she began to heal and release the stories she no longer needed to carry.

Charity believes all answers lie within and strives to help others find and honor their truth through listening to the body in their practice.

Chivonne Cheney

Chivonne is a granddaughter, daughter, wife, and mother/stepmother all under the same roof. Balancing the lives of four generations and a blended family is what originally sent her down the yellow brick road of yoga and meditation looking for the great and powerful OM. What she has discovered thus far is that the harder we try to control our lives, the more the Universe shows us this is not the path to happiness. Yoga is teaching Chivonne to practice courage and let go… even when it’s only one fingernail at a time!

Chivonne received her 200hr YTT certification from Island Yoga in 2017 and is working towards a 350hr Vedic Counselor certification with Sivananda Yoga Farm. Practicing with Chivonne might be anything from a killer core workout blasting Macklemore or a nourishing meditation with Tibetan singing bowls. She will always hold sacred space for you and do her best to create a session that resonates with whatever you need.

In her past life, Chivonne worked in Global Apparel Development at Nike World Headquarters. For nearly a dozen years she ran shoulder-to-shoulder with all levels of the organization shepherding special projects across the globe. It’s safe to say her communication and project management skills come in handy when juggling both the magic making and daily duties of life. She is an obsessive researcher and extremely detail oriented which makes her an exceptionally talented vacation and party planner. She is currently planning international health and wellness retreats with Radiate Love.

For more information on working with Chivonne please contact her at chivonne@radiate.love.

Courtney Betts

Courtney Betts is a passionate yogi and artist. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Courtney holds a Master of Science degree in health science and has a background in dance. She has been practicing yoga regularly since 2012, and became a certified yoga teacher in 2017. Courtney now resides in Aruba, where she works for the Yoga Girl team and teaches vinyasa flows and SUP yoga at Island Yoga. Her classes are a fun mixture of challenging movement and music suitable for all levels. On the side, Courtney loves to draw, paints murals, take care of puppies, and spend time on the beach. Yoga has been a crucial part of Courtney’s life for years. Her mat is the one place she can let go of her thoughts, connect to her body and move on a daily basis.

Catherine Gallagher

Catherine is a full-time yogi who specializes in teaching Hatha yoga, hot yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa flow, and yin yoga. Her classes focus on compassion, acceptance and self-love combining both dynamic asanas with deep relaxation. The perfect yin & yang!
Catherine initially came to yoga through surfing having grown up in Devon, UK. However, it didn’t become her ‘thing’ until finding her sanctuary at her local studio in Sussex. Attending Hot Yoga classes at the end of her busy London corporate commuter work days brought her to life and got her through the week!

She is currently working for Surf Maroc in Tagazhout, Morocco leading the company’s surf & yoga retreats, daily drop-in classes and private 1-1 sessions. Here she is gaining exposure to a full variety of clients including pro-surfers, athletes and those looking to deeply relax on holiday. Catherine also runs her own retreats worldwide across UK, Italy, Ibiza, Morocco and Sri Lanka. Come and join her on retreat to surround yourself with and like-minded souls next to the ocean.

Find Catherine on Instagram at @yoga.with.catherine or her website www.yogawithcatherine.com.

Dana Landman - Certified Yoga Teacher Graduate Island Yoga

Dana Landman

Dana Landman is a London based yoga teacher. A lover of music synchronization, Dana’s classes emphasize the intersection of music and movement, using curated playlists to fuel the body and warm the heart.

You can find Dana on Instagram at @danalandman

Danielle Dillard

Danielle Dillard is a digital nomad living her dreams of traveling with coaching, yoga and writing. She guides women into the inner depths of their souls to heal from the inside out, align fully with their soul mission, create powerful visions for their lives, and master the mindset and tools to manifest their dreams. She does this through online soul and alignment coaching, yoga and reiki workshops, writing, and Akashic Record Readings.

Danielle’s favorite way to practice yoga includes blending meditation, journaling, & yoga in the candlelight on her mat, perhaps with some Spotify “Brain Food” playlist on in the background. For Danielle, yoga is all about self-love and going deeper within herself to expand in all areas of life. She loves to ask herself weekly, “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?,” and then move in the direction of her fear.

Danielle is passionate about connecting with others on the spiritual path, so feel free to reach out via Instagram (@DaniDillard) or join her FB community, Raw Downloads. Other social links include Danielle Dillard Yoga & Coaching (FB) and her personal website, www.danielledillard.com.

Ewa Hagert

Ewa is a passionate Swedish yogi, residing in Malmö in the south of the Sweden.
Ewa has practiced yoga for the last 6 years. She has had a long business career and too much work and too little physical exercise, led to constant back pains and high chiropractor bills. She looked for healing and means to a pain-free life and this where she in 2013 found yoga, to balance the yin and the yang with focus on a healthy sustainable body and lifestyle. Yoga was a life changer for her and a regular yoga practice became part of the daily routine. While the physical practice of asanas is what initially attracted her to yoga, it is the spiritual and emotional journey that has led Ewa to stay.
After maintaining a strong personal practice for 3 years, Ewa took her first yoga teacher training in 2016, a 100-hr Yin Yoga program at Oasis Yoga at Koh Lanta, Thailand. This training in yin yoga opened up a deeper interest in anatomy and to fully immerse into a broader and deeper teacher training, to be able to share her passion for the sacred practice. In July 2018 she became a graduate of the 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training program led by Rachel and Lara. Ewa chose this program for its unique focus on anatomy while teaching from an authentic place of love and compassion, balancingand connecting to our true selves.
Ewa is enthusiastic about introducing people to yoga, maintaining range of motion and strength as we age. Her approach inspires an inner journey, bringing harmony to mind, body and spirit. Ewa brings a warm, loving and inclusive energy to all her students. Whether you walk into a Vinyasa, Yin or Restorative class, you will be greeted wholeheartedly.
Ewa hopes to have the opportunity to see you on the mat and help you move towards greater balance, self-love, health and happiness. Ewa is registered with Yoga Alliance and you canreach out to her on Facebook or Instagram @ewahagertto connect and see where she is currently teaching. E-mail to ewahagert@live.sefor private classes in Swedish or English.

“Flame” Shany Berkovich

Flame is a creative manager at Microsoft and a real fan of fitness and sports of every kind kind- specially HIIT and running (and of course YOGA). She is 33 years old, and has a Masters in business and a Bachelor in communication and political science. Flame is currently teaching private yoga lessons.To her, yoga is all about movement: moving her  body, moving her breath, moving her thoughts, moving her energy… yoga is the wings that take her anywhere and help her reach everything and everyone.

Hannah Morrow

Hannah is a yogi, artist, and traveler who bases her teachings, art, and way of life in spirituality. While battling depression five years ago, she discovered the immeasurable peace and joy that is found within oneself through practicing yoga and dedicated her life to embodying this truth and teaching others how to do the same. Hannah believes in allowing the body to flow in whatever way it needs or desires to, and that the practice of yoga should be an expression of freedom and self love. She embodies the concept of freedom and living in alignment with her true self by traveling as much as possible, attending music festivals, creating unique, passionate art, and meeting new souls from all over the world. Hannah’s love and zest for life permeates all she does, whether that is creating an energetic yoga flow to ignite sacred space within the body or enjoying vibrant music during a sunset dance session in her backyard. She desires and manifests meaningful, sacred, and authentic experiences in her life and she loves to recognize the eternal, divine life source within everyone and everything, finding unity and harmony in her life each day.

Hannah is currently residing in Ohio and teaching private yoga classes with clients, yet she plans on relocating this fall to the North Shore of O’ahu, Hawaii to follow her passions for island living, yoga, art, and traveling, ultimately aligning herself with her high calling and true desires even more. Hannah’s yoga classes are a representation of her way of life: raw and full of true emotion, energetic and adventurous, creative and thought-provoking, as well as fulfilling and soulfully peaceful. She specializes in teaching Vinyasa flow, Hatha yoga, Restorative yoga, and Yin yoga. Hannah loves to connect with new souls and share her light and love with those who desire to improve their state of living. If you would like to communicate with Hannah, she is accessible through Instagram by the name of @hannahemorrow as well as Facebook by the name of Hannah Morrow. She cannot wait to assist and inspire you on your journey of alignment and awakening!

Jen Doran

Jen is from Ireland and was first drawn to yoga when she was 19, at a time when she felt a huge disconnection in many areas of her life. Yoga became the tool that slowly helped her reconnect with herself, with nature, and to this day yoga acts as a compass, helping Jen stay true to her path. A lover of all things movement and all things nature, she practices outside as much as she can.
One of her passions in sharing yoga with people is to help bring them back into their bodies and also to help reconnect or deepen their relationship with nature and the environment which surrounds them. Hoping that people will feel more embodied and care for themselves and in turn care for their environment to the best of their abilities.
We are all made up of the elements, we are water, we are light, we are air, we are earth. Jen sees a direct correlation between our bodies, our minds, our breath and nature. She continues to learn through the practice of yoga how to utilise these aspects of ourselves to create more peace, wellbeing and truth within and without, thus creating a ripple affect.
Currently based in Dublin, Jen is about to begin travelling around Europe to teach and explore more ways of using yoga to reconnect to and protect our own nature, the nature that we live in, the nature which feeds us in so many ways. The first stop is the Greek Islands!
If you wish to find out more about Jen, her classes, upcoming retreats or projects, she would love to hear from you. Find Jen on instagram at the.nature.wave or get in touch through her website www.thenaturewave.com

Johanna Rhode

During the last couple of years Johanna was searching quite extensively in regards to spirituality and also a need for affiliation, and through that, she found yoga. When Johanna started to practice yoga there was a sense of connection on the inside where she really wanted to be, she felt motivated to transform herself and the moment she stepped on her mat she felt like she was home. Johanna really felt like this was the space where she could be herself and really connect to this internal part of herself. Johanna felt at home within herself despite her struggles and that was huge for her when she started the practice… and is the main reasons she practices today. Johanna is in love with yoga. Yoga is not only her passion- Yoga is her love story.

After fourteen excessive years working as a Spa Manager in the luxury hotel industry around the world – where Johanna gave holistic treatments to Alanis Morissette, Tina Turner and many more celebrities, she quit her job to follow her love story and built her life around yoga. After completing her first 300-hr YTT in 2015, Johanna decided to dive deeper into the practice with Rachel and Lara at Island Yoga.

After returning from Aruba, Johanna focused on building her own yoga offerings beside participating the global mentorship of Sofiah Thom to become a Temple Body Arts Guide. Johanna is also teaching power yoga and yin yoga classes at PowerYogaVienna. For her personal yoga classes, she rented out a beautiful place at an Ayurvedic Center in Vienna where she offers her own concept called Wild Goddess – Sisterhood of the Divine Feminine. A concept that is focused on goddess yoga, tantra, spirituality, sisterhood, classes, and workshops with the future goal of offering goddess retreats around the world.

If you like to learn more about her offerings, connect with Johanna on Instagram @hanna.blossom or visit her website www.wildgoddess.org (coming soon!).

Juliann Butz

As a tech guru and yoga teacher, Juliann aims to provide her students with useful tools that allow for a more balanced life off the mat. In the fast-paced world we live in it can be difficult to identify what is important and what isn’t. Juliann’s classes guide her students toward their truest selves in a gentle, approachable way. While she enjoys teaching yoga to all levels, Juliann’s favorite styles include Restorative, Yin, and Vinyasa Flow. A class with Juliann wouldn’t be complete without an element of spirituality and she often gifts her students with crystals, angel cards, singing bowls, palo santo, and poems. Juliann’s home-base is in Austin, TX but she travels frequently and aims to share her practice with people from all corners of the world. If you’d like to connect with Juliann you can email her at juliannbutz@gmail.com.

Katie Haupt

Katie Haupt is originally from a small city north of Chicago, IL, and grew up in Kenosha, WI. In 2003, she took her first yoga class and instantly fell in love with how relaxed and happy it made her feel. She continued taking classes to help her manage stress, anxiety, and depression. In 2012, she packed two bags and moved to Germany. There she started taking heated vinyasa flow and guided meditation classes, which led her on an ongoing and passionate adventure of healing her mind, body, and spirit. As a yoga teacher, she works to help people believe in themselves and guide them through their own healing journey with her down-to-Earth, and lighthearted approach. Her classes are accessible with a focus on body positivity and her passion lies in helping those with addiction, depression, anxiety, and self-love issues as she has experienced all of these herself first-hand. After being amongst the first group to complete a yoga teacher training at Island Yoga, she now independently teaches regular vinyasa flow and guided meditation classes at her neighborhood park and at different corporate settings around San Antonio, TX.

Katie can be contacted anytime at katiehaupt@gmail.com or @katie_luminary on Instagram.

Kristen Fletcher

Authentic, fair, and fiery, Kristen Fletcher is an Aries born on a Libra full moon. She is an intuitive astrologer, vegan, yoga teacher, and business strategist. As the CEO of Resolute Life, a conscious lifestyle agency, she believes in the sacred art of doing only what sets our hearts on fire. She practices Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga to raise her vibration, connect to her intuition, and fully show up for life. Her clients come to her to experience clarity and breakthroughs. She is based in New York City and you can find her at resolutelife.co.

Marissa Ceci

Marissa Ceci is a pup-mom and military wife living in Germany and loving Christ with her husband Michael. She began teaching yoga in 2015, the same year she bought and sold a yoga studio in MS, all while completing her first 200-hr YTT. Growing up a dancer the physical pillars of yoga really appealed to her: strength, flexibility and balance. She quickly realized though, that yoga was a place for peace, self-discovery, healing and growth. Diving deeper into the practice led her to her second 200-hr training here at Island Yoga. When not practicing, you can find her whipping up plant-based meals for her family, planning their next trip, playing around with photography, sticking her toes in the sand, planting flowers or hosting dinner parties for friends. Marissa currently only offers private lessons, for individuals or groups. For more info please visit: www.marissaceci.com/yoga.

Mel Dolan

Melissa has been practicing yoga since she was 14. She knew there was something special about it from the first calming Ujjayi breath. She loves sharing the practice that has been so transformative in her own life with others. Her belief is that if you can breathe, you can do yoga. Her goal is to provide empowerment and to hold space to connect deeper within yourself, creating flow and alignment on and off the mat. She incorporates inspiring themes into her classes and focuses on finding both internal and external strength. Her personal practice includes Vinyasa, Kundalini, Ashtanga, and Restorative practices. She currently teaches a Vinyasa Flow class at 4pm on Saturdays and a Yin Yoga class at 5:30pm on Sundays, both at Dupont Circle Yoga in Washington, DC. She is also a Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Practitioner. If you’d like to learn more, connect on Instagram @meld_yogini or check out her website/blog www.redefineandthrive.com.

Michaela Noonan

Michaela comes from England and is a medical secretary in a specialist animal referral hospital offering groundbreaking treatments to animals and their families. She is currently teaching private classes at the hospital and has just completed a further teacher training in Yin Yoga. Yoga is incredibly important to Michaela as it is the best way for her to find balance in life and to maintain a healthy mind, a healthy body and a happy spirit.

Monique Day

Monique was born in California and at age four, beat cancer. She was then raised in a small town called Lake Havasu City, AZ. Her many passions include exploring and taking new adventures. Travel is Monique’s absolute favorite thing next to yoga. She has been a lover of movement her entire life. She studied dance since age 5, under her mother’s teachings and many other teachers in NYC. Yoga was something that had floated in and out of her life for years. As she started focusing on healing and growing as a human being, yoga started to work its magic slowly transforming her mind and body. After practicing for 3 years, never stepping foot into a studio, Monique completed her 200-hour-yoga-teaching certification in Aruba. Monique teaches in a Vinyasa Flow style, focusing on strengthening the body and the mind, while honoring the breath. Monique wanted to deepen her practice and deepen her awareness for yoking her body, mind and spirit. Yoga helped her find balance and stillness both on and off the mat. She now wants to share the tools that taught her to help and teach others. Yoga is her space that enables her to find her true self through movement.

Natalie Spadola

Natalie is an upstate New York native, passionate about living a joyful life. She encourages people to practice true self-love by experimenting and finding out what fuels them. Her inner fuel comes from movement in the forms of yoga, hiking, kayaking, skiing, and working out. Her passion for yoga took over when she realized that it was more than just the physical practice she was introduced to.To Natalie, yoga is a way of life that permeates into everything she does. At the moment, Natalie lives in Albany, NY and is the general manager for Lara Heimann and her studio in Princeton, NJ.

Nia Thorpe

Nia is from a small town in picturesque North Cornwall, ENG. She left this beautiful place to study, travel and work but has now come full circle and is back living where she feels happiest, near the wild seas of Cornwall.

Nia is a Primary School teacher, curator and a registered Yoga Alliance 200hr Yoga Teacher. She was trained by Rachel Brathen and Lara Heimann at Island Yoga in Aruba, she has also completed the British Wheel of Yoga foundation course and has trained with Yoga Beez Children’s Yoga.

Yoga is an essential part of Nia’s everyday life, through the practice of yoga she can deeply and gracefully connect to her own body, mind and soul, thereafter finding presence and more compassion for others. Nia teaches Flow and Yin yoga, as well as children’s and community-based yoga in: Bude, Cornwall and online. All of Nia’s classes encourage growth and grounding, self-love and self-acceptance, play and trust.

To find out more about Nia and where she teaches please visit: www.snugandserene.com.

Rebecca Gleiberman

Rebecca Gleiberman is a Gainesville, FL based yoga teacher specializing in Vinyasa Flow. After finding yoga through tough times four years ago she hopes to help others on similar journeys find peace and balance in their lives. With a deep love for the outdoors she also hopes to use yoga as a way to help others feel more connected to nature. For more info about where she will be teaching follow her on Instagram @thegainesvilleyogi.

Savannah Schroeder

For Savannah, what started as a purely physical practice (to alleviate back/neck pain) over time morphed into a more spiritual practice, allowing her to connect with her true self and purpose. She continues to show up on her mat because of the positive energy that radiates into all areas of her life after practicing; making her a happier and more balanced person. Yoga enables her to release trapped tension and emotions in the body, clear the mind and shift focus to the present moment. She is passionate about sharing wellness tools to help others expand their knowledge, feel empowered to take ownership of their health and inspire them to achieve their goals. With a baby on the way, Savannah has cut down on her teaching hours in the studio, but is available for personalized private sessions in and around Milwaukee, WI. Namaste!

Shelley Homyshin

Shelley was born and raised in the home of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta, CAN. After working in Interior Design for a few years, she realized it wasn’t where her passion was and began practicing yoga to help her through the transition on to the next chapter in life. Shelley fell in love with the way yoga made her feel empowered and more whole than she ever knew. She decided she wanted to help others discover their inner magic and became a certified yoga teacher. Shelley hopes to acquire her SUP yoga training in the future as she would love to bring the joy of yoga on water to all of the breathtaking lakes and views surrounding her hometown.

She is currently teaching and managing at a hot yoga studio called My Yoga Calgary, where she has worked for over 5 years. Her classes remind you not to take yourself too seriously and really enjoy the present moment, ranging from a relaxing Sunday night flow to a “Friday Funk” high energy practice accompanied by hip hop music. She hopes to expand her knowledge indefinitely and encourage not only the practice of yoga, but the lifestyle of pure gratitude, inner discovery and growth that yoga allows one to live.

Tanara Hansen

Tanara first found yoga at the age of 20 and, like many other stories, in the beginning it was a purely physical endeavor. Immediately hooked on the sweaty detox and the lightness she felt after wringing, twisting, and moving her body during practice, yoga quickly became a regular routine.
Several years, hundreds of practices, and many styles of yoga later, Tanara is a true believer that the benefits of the poses unconsciously radiate outward into every aspect of mind, body, and spirit transforming each of us from the inside out.
Tanara currently teaches in Raleigh, NC where she loves to create energetic classes that build stamina, push physical and mental limits, and connect us to the breath. Her goal is to share the practice as a tool to promote a strong, centered, and courageous life.

Yohanna Mannelqvist

Yohanna was raised in Sweden but lived many years in London, working within the fashion industry. She lived a crazy lifestyle, traveling, partying, working, training and socialising. Her quick lifestyle and pursuit of perfectionism eventually lead to burnout and she became sleep deprived, underweight, anxious and overworked. It became clear to her that happiness doesn’t come from having a “perfect life” and dropped her fashion career to embark on a soul searching journey around the world. 

The Island Yoga YTT was a life changing experience, where she could finally let go, heal her wounds and find back to self-love. She is now a 500H RYT Yoga Teacher and IIN Health Coach and lives in-between Tulum, Sweden and London. Her mission is to guide ambitious & searching souls to a purposeful life in balance and true to their deepest authentic self. She believes in a holistic approach to a sustainable lifestyle and health goes far beyond what you have on your plate. If you are longing for a change, feel stuck or just want to boost your current life – feel free to get in touch with her for guidance via instagram (@yohasana) or email hello@yohasana.com