Preparation for Birth with Anna Wilsby Frisk March 5th, 2017

Join Anna for inspiration, tools and strategies for the two of you on your newest adventure together!

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Anna Wilsby Frisk will have a 1-day intensive course in Aruba. The course is for you and your partner (or the one who will be by your side). You are also welcome as a midwife or doula.

The Details

Part 1: 9am-12pm
Part 2: 1pm-4pm
$75 per person (AWG 135)
$130 per couple (AWG 230)

Giving birth is one of the most challenging things we can go through as human beings. We often have many fears, questions and expectations that filter our experience.

How can you work together with you partner? How can you handle pain and make sure your oxygen levels are high for the benefit of you and your baby? What positions are beneficial for you and how can you remain focused all the way? How can your partner be your true coach?

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About Anna

Anna Wilsby Frisk comes from Sweden and works as a birth and breathing instructor, coach and doula. She founded her own concept and company some 15 years ago, and has since then (together with her collegues) given classes to more than 63 000 parents to be. Apart from giving birth to three children of her own, she has taken part in more than 350 births. Clinics and hospitals turn to Anna for inspiration and strategies and today midwives can become certified instructors under her name.

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